Phase One Feasibility Study Questionnaire - $5,000.001

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The information this study will provide is a must for determining how profitable a Diversified Ethanol Fuel Alcohol Plant can be in your specific location. Below you will find a list of the topics that will be addressed by this study of your information. Under each topic, please provide answers to the questions shown in blue. If you don't know the complete answer, provide what information you believe to be helpful, if any. If you have no information on the topic, just say so, so we know you considered it. This completed study will allow you to make the most informed decision regarding this investment and provide preliminary plant design information.

The Phase One Feasibility Study examines the following topics:

A. Plant Inputs Plan

1. Feedstock type and potential alcohol and co-product yield

What is your proposed feedstock?

Where will it come from and how will it be delivered to the plant?

2. Feedstock quantity

If you are a grower or supplier of the feedstock, how much of it will be available for alcohol production on an annual basis?

If you are not the grower or supplier, what factors will affect the quantity of feedstock you will have available to supply the plant?

3. Feedstock quality

Does the feedstock vary in its quality?

(For example, will its moisture content vary, and if so, within what ranges?)

Does the feedstock contain contaminants, and if so, what are they and what is their percent content of the total feedstock?

4. Feedstock Availability

Will the feedstock vary in its availability throughout the year and, if so, what factors determine that variability?

5. Feedstock Cost

What do you believe will be the cost of the feedstock to the alcohol plant?

What factors affect the variability of that cost?

6. Heat energy source

What sources of fuel are available to supply the plant's boiler?

How reliable are these sources?

Who are the suppliers of these sources?

7. Electrical energy source

What sources of electricity are available?

How reliable are these sources?

Who are the suppliers of these sources?

8. Water source availability and quality

From what source is water available for this project and in what quantity?

Is water quality information available? (Attach to this report if faxed)

9. Plant operators/labor cost

What would you expect to pay someone in the area where the plant is to be located to operate it?

(For example, what is a typical hourly wage for a tractor driver or forklift operator?)

10. Other operating costs

There are other operating costs for supplies such as yeast and other chemicals required for plant operations.

Do you know of any other operating costs that might be peculiar to the proposed plant location?

B. Plant Outputs Plan

1. Ethanol sales

Do you have any current contacts or sales information for ethanol sales in the area?

2. Co-product sales

Do you have any current plans for the sale of the co-product (distiller's grains)? If so, what are they?

(Include information on volumes that could be sold and possible sales prices)

3. Stillage use/disposal

Do you have any current plans for the sale or use of the stillage? If so, what are they?

4. Other wastes disposal (sewer, water, etc.)

Are you aware of any unique hurdles regarding the disposal of sewage (from the plant's restroom) or water in the area where the plant is to be located?

C. Regulatory Issues Identification

1. Plant location (State, county)

Please provide the full address where the plant is to be located, including the county.

2. Plant location zoning

Do you know the zoning of the proposed plant location and can you provide a description of the allowable uses within that zoning?

3. Plant permitting

Are you aware of the local building permit process and do you have a contact(s) with the local governing body?

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Thanks for completing this questionnaire!

We will use your answers to both of the questionnaires available on this website, together with our knowledge of the fuel alcohol business and our plantâs operating characteristics, to present to you a completed Phase One Feasibility Study. The study will examine the major issues affecting size, operation, and design of the plant and include an estimated Profit and Loss Statement. The results of this study will provide a basis on which to decide whether to proceed further with the project, or to reexamine the business plan.

If the decision is made to proceed, Diversified Ethanol recommends the completion of a Phase Two Feasibility Study prior to plant construction. A Phase Two Feasibility Study will reexamine the assumptions made from the Phase One study, and examine the capital cost, site-specific, and regulatory issues in greater detail. For more information about a Phase Two Feasibility Study, contact your Diversified Ethanol sales representative.

(1) Should you desire to have a digester included in your feasibility study, add $2,500.00