Phase One Feasibility Study

Fee: Starting as low as $7,400.00* (price varies depending on project variables)

When considering an investment in an ethanol plant, one must give thoughtful consideration to many factors. One of the value-added services that Diversified Ethanol offers its customers is a Phase One Feasibility Study. The information this study will provide is a must for determining how profitable an ethanol plant can be in your specific location.

Take a look at the items reviewed in the Phase One Feasibility Study. This information will serve as a comprehensive guide to the prospective investor or plant owner needing financial information specific to their locale. It is critically important that a thorough evaluation be performed prior to construction to insure maximum operating efficiency and profitability of the plant. This step will allow you to make the most informed decision possible regarding this investment. The cost of the Report will be credited toward the cost of the plant. It is non-refundable. The information presented by this study, and the peace of mind it will bring, will be well worth its cost.

If you have made the decision to move forward on the potential purchase of a Diversified Ethanol plant, please review what entails a Phase One Feasibility Study. Our receipt of your completed Phase One Feasibility Study Questionnaire and down payment of $5000* to:

Diversified Ethanol Corporation
Early Lake Office Park
1601 Southcross Dr. W.
Burnsville. MN 55306

...will allow is to proceed immediately with your Phase One Feasibility Study. . You can expect to receive your completed study within 30-45 days. If you would like to discuss this process with a representative, please call 952-435-1933.

The Phase One Feasibility Study examines the following topics:

  1. Plant Inputs Plan
    1. Feedstock type and potential alcohol and co-product yield
    2. Feedstock quantity
    3. Feedstock quality
    4. Feedstock availability
    5. Feedstock cost
    6. Heat energy source
    7. Electrical energy source
    8. Water source availability and quality
    9. Plant operators/labor cost
    10. Other operating costs
  2. Plant Outputs Plan
    1. Ethanol sales
    2. Co-product sales
    3. Stillage use/disposal
    4. Other wastes disposal (sewer, water, etc.)
  3. Regulatory Issues Identification
    1. Plant location (Country, State, County)
    2. Plant location zoning
    3. Plant permitting (air, water, emissions, wastes, other)
  4. Estimated Profit and Loss Statement

The results of this study provide a basis on which to decide whether to proceed further with the project, or to reexamine the business plan. Contact Diversified Ethanol for a Phase One Feasibility Study Agreement. If the decision is made to proceed, Diversified Ethanol recommends the completion of a Phase Two Feasibility Study prior to plant construction. A Phase Two Feasibility Study will reexamine the assumptions made from the Phase One study, and examine the capital cost, site specific, and regulatory issues in greater detail. For more information about a Phase Two Study, contact your Diversified Ethanol sales representative.

The cost of the Phase One Feasibility Study start at $7,400.00* (price may vary depending on your variables).

*Should you desire to have a digester included in your feasibility study, add $3,300.00