Phase Two Feasibility Study

A Phase Two Feasibility Study follows a successful Phase One Study. Its purpose is to examine more closely the information derived in the Phase One study, and to examine in addition the capital cost, site-specific, and regulatory issues that will affect plant construction. The results of this study can be a fully-engineered plant, designed specifically for the operating conditions at the prospective location. Below is a list of the topics that will be addressed by this study of your information. The cost of this Report will be credited toward the cost of the plant. It is non-refundable. Thanks for your continued interest in Diversified Ethanol.

The Phase Two Feasibility Study examines the following topics:

A. Infrastructure Plan

  1. Site visit/evaluation (a site visit by our designer/engineer will require additional expense for transportation but will provide information that is vital for the successful completion of the project)
  2. Building plan
  3. Utility interconnect plan

B. Plant Inputs Plan

  1. Feedstock type and potential alcohol and co-product yield
  2. Feedstock quantity
  3. Feedstock quality
  4. Feedstock availability
  5. Feedstock cost
  6. Heat energy source
  7. Electrical energy source
  8. Plant operators/labor cost
  9. Other operating costs

C. Plant Outputs Plan

  1. Ethanol sales
  2. Co-product sales
  3. Stillage use/disposal
  4. Other wastes disposal (sewer, water, etc.)

D. Regulatory Issues Plan

  1. Plant location (Country, State, County)
  2. Plant location zoning
  3. Plant permitting (air, water, emissions, wastes, other)

E. Plant Design

F. Estimated Profit and Loss Statement and Sensitivity Analysis

The successful completion of this study will provide all information necessary to proceed to project construction and financing, if required.